To celebrate the re-opening of the newly renovated Boucheron Maison store at Hotel de Noce, Place Vendome, Boucheron asked HWVisual to design the worldwide window scheme based on the new store design. Different rooms of the boutique were used as inspiration for the windows. The ‘Jardin D’hiver’ design was based on the Winter Garden that houses the Boucheron animal collection.

The ‘Chinese Salon’ was inspired by the restored ‘Salon Chinois’ that was an original feature of the building from the late nineteenth century, and the ‘Creation Room’ represents the ‘Salles des Creations’ where the artisanal journey of the Jewelry pieces is exhibited.

Each window features layers of printed and laser cut acrylic to create a three-dimensional camouflage effect using the architectural details of the building. Delicately laser cut brushed brass stands hold cards that explain the origins of each of the featured rooms.

The design and project management was carried out by HWVisual with all production done by Zone Creations.